Greenhat Interactive Ltd  is a not-for-profit organisation, working in the field of social regeneration, conducting research and developing projects to make education and employment more accessible to disadvantaged groups.

Greenhat Interactive Ltd. works in partnership with other public, voluntary or private sector organisations to research, develop, implement and support joint projects in order to promote social inclusion by increasing the accessibility and engagement potential of educational, training and employment by placing the end user at the centre of the project. Our mission is to facilitate independence and access to sustainable employment for people from groups who are currently disadvantaged in our economy. It pursues this remit through its research, its projects and by capacity building both beneficiaries and employers to make employment fully accessible to the whole community by increasing their awareness of the potential of disadvantaged people to make a positive contribution to the economy.

Greenhat Interactive facilitated end user groups to ensure user sensitive design for the project. They also acted as Quality Assurance Managers.