The Integration Centre is a NGO committed to the integration of migrants in Ireland, with more than 250 affiliated organisations as part of their network.

The Integration Centre (TIC) is committed to the integration and inclusion of people from immigrant backgrounds in Ireland. The Centre specializes in planning, monitoring and advocacy at city, local, national and international levels and provides regionalised information, advice and training services. It has more than 250 affiliated organisations as part of our network. Research analysis of immigration integration is carried out in the areas of; education, employment, social inclusion and active citizenship (as proposed at the EU Zaragosa Conference 2010). Two reports based on this research are published annually by TIC, one in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Institute of Ireland. TIC is based in Dublin and has regional staff located in the north, south, east and west of the country. Research into immigrant employment trends is garnered through the development of integration strategies for town and city councils and the publishing of annual reports. TIC uses evidence-based research to influence positive change in legislation, policy and practice in Ireland.

Sadly, The Integration Centre closed at Christmas 2014 when their core philanthropic funding came to an end.