Desktop Games (Windows)

For full instructions (on downloading, installation, gameplay and walkthroughs) for the following games please download the game instructions document or the full handbook.

Risky Business

The Risky Business game is focused on developing an awareness of health and safety information and protocol and also, rights and responsibilities within the workplace correlates to the following modules: Verbal Intercultural Communication and Rights and Responsibilities.

Interview Expert

The Interview Expert game is focused on job-seeking preparation, intercultural communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and developing confidence as a job-seeker correlates to the following modules: Vocational Skills, (Job Preparation, Job Seeking, Job Development), Intercultural Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal), Rights and responsibilities (Employment Rights & Rights Professional Conduct).

Mobile Games (Android)

Email Know How

The Email Know How game is focused on formal written language communication and familiarisation with vocational terminology correlates to the following curriculum modules: IT Skills, Vocational Skills and Intercultural Communication.

Getting There

The Getting There game is focused on developing an awareness of workplace rights and responsibilities, access to services and correlates to the following modules: Non-Verbal Intercultural Communication, Services and Rights and Responsibilities.

Added Value Student Games

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A set of serious games have been created by students at Nottingham Trent University as part of their Computer Studies and Digital Media Technology courses. The products were developed with input from the University’s Interactive Systems Research Group, the Nottingham Refugee Forum and the social enterprise Green Hat Interactive Ltd in the UK. Students were given a brief to design games that tied in with the RISE and previously PAUSE curriculum, using either Flash or XNA development environments. Some of the best games have been made available here.