The following serious games have been created by students at Nottingham Trent University as part of their Computer Studies and Digital Media Technology courses. The products were developed with input from the University’s Interactive Systems Research Group, the Nottingham Refugee Forum and the social enterprise Green Hat Interactive Ltd in the UK.

A description of each product together with a link to the software can be found below. To run the games please first extract the zip file to a local folder.


Designed by: Damien Coaten, Degan McAteer, Kiren Soni

‘InterVid’ is a serious game designed to prepare refugees for what employers look for during a face to face interview in the United Kingdom. Users are presented with a series of questions and are given four possible responses. When they chose a response to the question they will be presented with feedback evaluating their choice and giving them helpful information to improve their answer and general tips on body language and speech. Download Windows zip (137MB due to video content). Requires Adobe Flash Player. Double Click ‘InterVid.swf’ to run.

ITTTsmInterview To The Top 

Designed by: Callum Carver, Alexander Battleday

Interview To The Top’ is a serious game designed to test and improve interview skills. The game is made up of three levels and will begin with an interviewer in the centre of the screen asking an interview related question. Each level uses a different interview character and with increasingly difficult questions. The player receives feedback and advice after every question and answer as this can be an effective method of providing the player with valuable information. Download Windows zip. Requires Adobe Flash Player. Double Click ‘ITTT.swf’ to run.

myCVsmMy CV

Designed by: Greg Rivington, Gurpartap Takhar

‘My CV’ is a serious game centred around writing a CV. Each main level will consist three sub-levels of complex CV’s, since migrant workers and refugees may have previous experience in high paid UK employment based on the user analysis. Each CV will have missing words or phrases and there will be a list of words below the CV. The user will have to click the words to the correct missing slots on the CV. Download Windows zip. After extracting the zip run ‘setup.exe’ to install the game on your machine. Run the game from the shortcut created in your start menu.

pmSmProject Morning

Designed by: David Moult, Christie Richards, Reece Thompson

‘Project: Morning’ is a serious game which has been developed with the intention of helping the user improve their time management skills, in particularly before an important meeting or interview. The idea of the game is to let the user make decisions on how to spend the night before the interview and to correctly manage their morning activities to improve stats while still getting to the interview on time. Once they arrive at the interview they will then need to answer interview questions and are then told if they got the job or not, with relevant feedback. Download Windows zip. After extracting to a local folder, double click on ‘projectmorningsite.html’ to run.


Designed by: Nicholas Gidman, Liz Harse, Umesh Singhal

‘Stereotype’ is a serious game designed to educate individuals from all backgrounds about the issues migrant workers from other countries are facing when trying to find employment. The core objective is to make employers aware through the use of a serious game or CAL based learning environment with the aim of changing bias they may intentionally or unintentionally have during the recruitment process. The solution is also geared to help refugees understand their own employment rights and understand the various forms and processes they will need to go through. Stereotype can be used by employers and help them to identify stereotypical beliefs they might have when hiring new employees and in particular when hiring refugees. Download Windows zip.

RWsmThe Right Way  

Designed by: Jatinder Gill, Pietro Melfi, Matthew Ulph

‘The Right Way’ is a serious game designed to develop people-skills for players to be able to adapt and become comfortable with everyday situations and environments. The game aims to develop confidence, communication, organisational skills using scenario-based questions and videos. Download Windows zip (223MB due to video content). Extract to a local folder and then double click ‘index.html’ in the ‘Pages’ folder to run the game.

YoureHiredSmYou’re Hired 

Designed by: Samuel, Edwards, Luke, Payne, Asher, Woodman Worrell

‘You’re Hired’ is a quiz-based serious game that takes the user through a series of questions associated within the workplace in an interview environment. The user will be given the option of selecting a topic that they would like to learn and be tested on subsequently. The objective is for the user to correctly answer a number of questions and if successful may be hired at the end of the interview. Download Windows zip.


Designed by: Ashley Birkin, Nada El Barshoumi, Kyle Hargreaves

‘JobSeekers’ is persuasive serious game that also acts an educational resource. The game aims to provide basic information and guidance to newly migrant workers about the process of job seeking within the UK, while illustrating some of the typical hardships and challenges migrant workers face on a day-to-day basis.  The main objective of the game is to clear up common misconceptions that people may have about migrant workers, who are often misunderstood by locals, and to incite a change in attitudes towards them. Conversely, the game also offers a migrant worker some insight on certain mannerisms, which may be perceived in a negative way. Download Windows zip.


Caris Diuk, Andros Gregoriou, Philip Hatton

‘EuroConnect’ is a serious game designed to tackle difficult situations which migrants and employers face. The game uses still images, which can be arranged to create a timeline of the job interview process. The user will receive feedback on their performance in the interview and will be advised if more work is required.Download Windows zip.

helpinghandsSmHelping Hands

Shona Flynn, Yanyiyi Li, Balgees Nugali

‘Helping Hands’ is a serious game designed as an interview assistant and guide for refugees allowing them to prepare for a job interview. The game has been designed to allow the player to learn about the interview process and help them to become more relaxed and confident about the interview. The game has three levels which contain different challenges for the player to overcome. Download Windows zip.