interview expert - capture of this Unity3D Game

Desktop Game (Windows)

The Interview Expert game is focused on job-seeking preparation, intercultural communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and developing confidence as a job-seeker correlates to the following modules: Vocational Skills, (Job Preparation, Job Seeking, Job Development), Intercultural Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal), Rights and responsibilities (Employment Rights & Rights Professional Conduct).

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The tutor/trainer can utilise the following curriculum module sections whilst facilitating the student’s use of the Interview Expert game:

Within the Job Preparation Vocational Skills the game correlates to lesson plans:

Within the Job Seeking Vocational Skills the game correlates to lesson plans:

Within the Verbal Intercultural Communication module the game correlates to lesson plans:

Within the Non-Verbal Intercultural Communication module the game correlates to lesson plan:

Within the Rights and Responsibilities module the games correlates to lesson plans:

Game Transcript

Deirdre Good afternoon. Thank you for coming. I’m Deirdre and this is my colleague Conor.
Conor Hi, thank you for coming to the interview. You are right on time.
Zeya “Do you say…?

1. [use the left and right arrow keys to view possible answers and then space bar to select the most appropriate]” Good afternoon sir and madam, it is a pleasure to be here.
2. [use the left and right arrow keys to view possible answers and then space bar to select the most appropriate]” Hi, how’s everything?
3. [use the left and right arrow keys to view possible answers and then space bar to select the most appropriate]” Hello Deirdre and Conor, it is nice to meet you both?

1. Deirdre First names are fine here.
2. Conor [Coughs loudly]
3. Deirdre Thank you, and you.
Deirdre “Do you…?
1. Walk towards the interviewers, offer your hand to shake, lower your eyes to the ground and sit down?
2. Walk towards the interviewers, offer your hand to shake, make eye contact with both interviewers, smile and sit down?
3. Smile at the two interviewers and sit down?
Deirdre Thank you for bringing your CV and your identity documents with you. I see you have been in the UK for a few years now.
Conor Please tell us about yourself?
1. I came to the UK 6 years ago. I love it here, I have lots of friends. Thank you for inviting me to interview, I’m really interested in the job.
2. I have been living in the UK for 6 years. I received refugee status last year which gives me the right to work. I have just finished a year’s training in office administration and I have been taking English classes for many years. I want to find work in this area now.
3. I have been living in the UK for 6 years. I had to wait for 5 years to become a refugee and be able to work here. For a hard-worker like me, it was very frustrating and difficult but finally I’m here.

1. Deirdre Okay, that’s good to know, The UK can be a friendly place.
2. Deirdre It sounds like you have used your time well here and have been very busy over the past few years.
3. Deirdre Okay, let’s move onto the next question.
Deirdre Please list some personal qualities about yourself?
1. I’m friendly, hard-working and punctual.
2. I’m really confident and good at telling other people what to do. I’m determined and I won’t give up until I get what I want. I know I’ll be a manager very soon.
3. I have worked really hard to complete my studies and gain my qualification. Now I’m looking forward to finding a good job. I have good organisational skills; in my previous job I learnt the importance of being organised to save time. I am a quick learner which you will see if you give me this job.

1. Conor That answer was a bit short, but thank you. Those are good qualities to have.
2. Conor You do sound very ambitious! We better watch our jobs in here. [He Laughs]
3. Conor That’s the kind of answer we like to hear!

Conor Do you have any weaknesses?
1. Oh, I don’t have any.
2. I’m a perfectionist and I like working really hard.
3. Yes, sometimes I don’t ask for help when I need it but since completing my studies I have grown in confidence and I’m learning to be more assertive.

1. Deirdre Oh I see you have none, that’s unusual.
2. Deirdre We hear that a lot in interviews.
3. Deirdre It’s great to develop positively through your experiences.
Deirdre Tell us what you know about our organisation?
1. I didn’t have time to look at your website before the interview but I know that this is a very big company with offices across the country.
2. I researched your website. I understand that this was originally a family business and has become a big company that provides IT services. I know that you provide services to schools and colleges.
3. I know from talking to my friend that you have a lot of different nationalities working here and that the company has grown in the last few years. I think this is good place for an ambitious person to work.

1. Conor We prefer our candidates to have more of an understanding of what we do here.
2. Conor We appreciate that you did some research before the interview.
3. Conor Okay, so you know a little bit about us, good.
Conor Please tell us about your past work experiences?
1. I worked as an administrative assistant for two years in my home country. My responsibilities included filing, answering calls and data entry. In the UK I have worked in an office on work placement and in a small vegetable shop dealing with customers and orders. I have learnt a lot about British culture and how people communicate.
2. I worked as an administrative assistant in my home country for two years and my responsibilities included filing, answering calls and data entry. I’m looking forward to getting a better job in the UK like the one I had in my home country.
3. In the UK I have worked in a small vegetable shop. I also worked in an office in Birmingham for a month as part of my course placement.

1. Deirdre It’s great to hear that you have plenty of work experience in both countries.
2. Deirdre Okay, it sounds like you have some relevant office experience.
3. Deirdre Previous office experience is important for this role.
Deirdre Why is there a gap in your CV?
1. Since I left my country where I was working in an office I have been in the asylum system here, waiting to become a refugee. You are not permitted to work as an asylum seeker here. During that time I continued my training on English and IT courses and did a work placement to prepare me to return to work.
2. I have been unable to work for the last few years for personal reasons, but now I’m very motivated to work hard to catch up and improve my skills.
3. There is a gap because I am a former asylum seeker and this means I was not allowed to work until I became a refugee. I am now a refugee and allowed to study and look for work in any area I wish, which is great.

1. Conor Brilliant, it sounds like you achieved a lot during this gap.
2. Conor Okay.
3. Conor Okay.
Conor Are you willing to work overtime or at the weekend?
Conor You don’t understand the term ‘overtime’. Do you?
1. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question again.
2. Ask what ‘overtime’ means
3. Answer yes.

1. Conor It means working extra hours for extra pay or time off.
2. Conor Okay, great.
3. Zeya I don’t know.
Zeya Yes, if I am given enough notice and time to arrange my personal commitments, of course I’d be happy to
Conor Maybe you can think about it and decide.
Zeya Okay, great.
Deirdre If you were ill and could not go to work, what would you do about work?
1. I would phone my supervisor/manager to tell them in the morning.
2. I would text a friend in the office and ask them to pass my message on to my supervisor or manager.
3. “I wouldn’t do anything, they would soon realise that I could not come in. I could explain the next day.”
1. Deirdre Okay, that’s good to hear!
2. Deirdre Okay, it would be better to tell your manager directly.
3. Deirdre I see. That is not the best thing to do at all!

Conor Tell us about a situation where you dealt with conflict successfully?
Zeya When I was working in the vegetable shop a customer complained, shouted at me and called me stupid.
Conor What did you do?
1. I got very angry and I shouted at her to leave and never come back.
2. I wanted to tell her to leave but I knew that I represented the company. I told her that what she said was offensive and if she had a problem to speak to my manager.
3. I apologised to her even though it made me feel terrible.

1. Conor We wouldn’t advise that kind of reaction here if there was a problem.
2. Conor I think that’s the best thing to have done.
3. Conor That sounds like a difficult situation, we offer training here on how to handle situations like that.
Deirdre Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
1. I don’t have a specific plan but I know that I want to keep progressing to gain more skills and more responsibility. One of the reasons I would like this job is that I think it offers me this opportunity to progress.
2. I would like to improve my job skills so that I can get a job that I actually want.
3. In five years’ time I would love to be in a job where I can train other junior staff because I really enjoy teaching and helping others

1. Deirdre Well we hope that this is a position you would actually be really interested in!
2. Deirdre That sounds like a good starting point.
3. Deirdre That sounds like you have a real idea of where you want to be.
Conor Why should we hire you for the job?
1. I am very interested in office management and I have worked in a big office before. I like that there are a lot of different nationalities working here; I enjoy working as part of a big team. During my training we did a lot of group projects and I did my best when working like this.
2. Because I am very smart and learn quickly. I am a friendly person which is good for office relations. I am very ambitious and like to succeed and I will work at something until it is perfect
3. Because I will work hard. I want to use my skills and I need to get back to work. I think this is a perfect opportunity for me.

1. Conor You sound well-suited to this job.
2. Conor Okay, that’s good to know.
3. Deirdre Okay, I understand.
Conor Do you have any questions for us about the job?
1. No, I don’t have any questions to ask, we have covered everything I need to know. Thank you.
2. Yes, how long can I take for lunch each day and how many days of holidays am I entitled to?
3. Yes, will I work as part of a team or on my own? I also speak Arabic and French, would there be any opportunity to use these languages in the job?

1. Deirdre Okay, great that you think that we covered everything you need to know.
2. Deirdre I think we can discuss that if you get the job.
3. Deirdre We love to hear when candidates want to bring more skills to the job. You will be working in a team of 5 people if you get the job. That’s brilliant that you have French and Arabic. We can also discuss how this could be useful, as we do work with companies around the world.
Conor Thank you for your time today, we will contact you next week to let you know about the job.
Zeya Thank you both, l look forward to hearing from you, goodbye.